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Asofsky_Samantha_PhotoMy name is Samantha Asofsky, and I have had the pleasure of interning at 3C Family Services under the mentorship of Dr. Lori Schweickert and Dr. Lorie Ritschel. 3C Family Services is a large and dynamic clinical practice that provides me with an array of opportunities ranging from the opportunity to learn about specific therapies (e.g. dialectical behavioral therapy [DBT]) to the ability to understand the practical reality of psychological services. Despite the consistency of the projects, I find myself diving into completely different tasks from week to week. I have gained incredible clinical experience by interacting with patients during play therapy, viewing DBT session/group tapes, and participating in biweekly clinician gatherings. I am increasingly spending my days familiarizing myself with DBT, an evidence-based treatment for people with emotional dysregulation. Additionally, weekly I co-lead a SS-GRIN group (social skills group intervention) for kids in grades 3-5. SS GRIN is a nationwide social skills group used in clinical and school settings that was originally developed at 3C Family Services and for children who have particular difficulties with peer relations.


Therefore, at 3C Family Services, I have been able to take theories and therapies out of the textbook and see the applications in a clinical setting. The diverse and well-accomplished team of professionals at 3C Family Services work together to ensure the optimal care for their clients. The practice provides the best and the newest evidence-based treatments, and for that reason, the clinicians are constantly remaining up-to-date with the field by reading current research as well as engaging in research of their own. I act as a research assistant for SPRITES, a national drug trial for sertraline. In my future endeavors, I hope to also work with a diverse and collaborative team, which I can constantly learn from as well as gain support from. I admire that 3C aspires to be on the forefront of the field, and I hope to embody this mentality in my future.


3C Family Services offers me assorted experiences to observe and participate in the broad scope of psychological research and care. My interests expand and constrict as I learn about new therapies and the practical reality of working with certain populations. I think I can enter my prospective career in mental health as more informed, especially regarding the “behind the scenes” or the administration of clinical services. Now I am reflecting more on the “business” of clinical practices, the effects of insurance agencies, and mental health access. I am thinking more deeply about who isn’t receiving mental health services and the reasons for discrepancies in health care (e.g. stigma, finances, citizenship). Thinking about my future, I hope I can use my newly gained knowledge to help a wider population and be a better mental health provider.

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