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Hello! My name is Megan Lanier and I am a junior from Gastonia, North Carolina majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. During my time here at UNC, I have been involved in Dr. Abramowitz’s Anxiety and Stress Lab where I have developed an interest in understanding and treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety-related disorders. More specifically, my experience working as a research assistant on two studies examining the use of exposure and response prevention therapy for arachnophobia has furthered my passion for the cognitive-behavioral approach to treating psychopathology.

Through the Gil Internship Program, I have had the amazing opportunity to explore my interests within a clinical setting. I currently work at Lepage Associates, a private mental health practice located in Durham. With an emphasis on solution-focused approaches to therapy, Lepage Associates employs a team of highly-qualified and diverse psychologists and psychiatrists. The breadth of knowledge and specialization found at Lepage Associates allows the practice to offer comprehensive psychological and psychiatric services such as therapy for children, adolescents and adults, forensics, and psychological and educational evaluations. Overseeing my internship experience is Dr. Tina Lepage, a licensed psychologist and owner of the practice. Additionally, I work closely with my mentor Dr. Gaytri Barker who is one of the worksite’s postdoctoral fellows.

My position as a clinical intern has involved utilizing client management software to schedule patient appointments, conducting literature searches for clinicians on topics such as interventions for delusional disorder or indecent exposure, and writing for the company’s online “Ask Anything” advice column, Happiness Blog, and Forensic Newsletter. My favorite blog posts have included sleep, minimalism, sexual education, and child cell phone usage! Over the course of my internship, I have also had the privilege to discuss current cases with various clinicians. These conversations helped shed light on the diagnostic and treatment process for various disorders or circumstances. Having the opportunity to extend the concepts I have learned within an academic setting, such as understanding psychopathology and therapeutic treatment, to an occupational setting has proven to be a great learning experience!

Working with Dr. Barker has been an amazing honor as she has played an instrumental role in my immersion within Lepage Associates. During the first few weeks of my internship, she invited me to observe a court-ordered seminar for high-conflict divorce that she was leading. Being able to witness the “behind-the-scenes” of the world of private practice solidified my intent and desire to pursue a degree in clinical psychology. I also had the fantastic opportunity to assist Dr. Barker in presenting at Second Saturday, a monthly divorce workshop in Raleigh. Specifically, I presented on helping children through the divorce process as well as strategies for coping with divorce.

My experiences at Lepage Associates have provided me with an invaluable glimpse into the clinical field of psychology. I am grateful to the Gil Internship Program and my wonderful mentors as this opportunity would not be possible without them. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have gained during my time as a Gil Intern will translate to success as I pursue future endeavors in research and clinical therapy!

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