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My name is Elena Preston, and I am a senior double majoring in Psychology and Communication. Throughout my years as an undergraduate, I have gained an interest in the study of human behavior and experience. Overtime, my interests became more specific in which I have become intrigued by the study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace. Specifically, I am interested in utilizing research on workplace motivations and reward systems to gain knowledge on solutions of consistent problems that arise in the workplace. Additionally, I am very interested in investigating multiple variables that influence employee productivity. Becoming a part of the Fall 2018 Gil internship has provided me with the exceptional opportunity to broaden my research interests while interning at Lepage Associates, a multi-specialty practice.

My research interests were originally sparked when I gained a position as a research assistant for multiple studies conducted at UNC’s Kenan Flagler Business School. While working underneath the mentorship of multiple Organizational Behavior Ph.D. students and professors, I was able to aid in ongoing projects that sought to investigate engagement and distractions in organizations. This experience as a research assistant for the Organizational Behavior department allowed me to develop my passion to pursue the goal of becoming an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. While working in research labs has provided me with foundational skills, I am looking forward to broadening these skills and knowledge through the application of gaining hands on, professional experience at my internship with Lepage Associates.

Lepage Associates is a multi-specialty practice that provides a plethora of solution based services that range from therapy and evaluation services to forensic and business services. Currently as an intern at Lepage Associates, I am working underneath the mentorship of Dr. Lindsey Ohler. While Dr. Ohler specializes in many services, I am mostly interested in her specialty in business services as this speaks most to my future career goals. Dr. Ohler utilizes her expertise in human behavior to help businesses and organization, in which she emphasizes that an organization’s most valuable asset is its employees. I am hoping throughout my Gil internship to experience first hand the effects that consulting and coaching therapy has on business and organizational success. Currently, I have served to help multiple clinicians, including founder of Lepage Associates, Dr. Tina Lepage, gather stats in preparation for their evaluations. I also aid in the administrative aspect of the practice and administer client check ins, appointment scheduling and invoicing. My work in the non-clinical operations of Lepage Associates has allowed me to see the interconnecting parts that make up a successful business.

Over the course of this internship I am excited to make the most out of my experience by utilizing every resource available to me. I look forward to expanding my professional skills and gaining hands on experience while working with a group of clinicians who are dedicated to their practice and their clients. I am very thankful for the Gil internship and my mentors at Lepage Associates for allowing me to express professional pursuits to obtain my academic and career goals.



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