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Happy summer everyone! As we are gearing up for Fall 2019, we thought it would be a good time to spotlight a fellow Giller from Spring 2019, Rachel Fleming.

“I am currently working as the Program Coordinator for Bull City Fit, a community-based wellness program that promotes physical activity for children and their families. Bull City Fit is a part of Duke Healthy Lifestyles, a multidisciplinary childhood obesity treatment clinic. Through a partnership with Durham Parks and Recreation, we are able to create a safe and fun place for families to come and practice living a healthy life six days a week.

I was a developmental intern for East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI), a place-based non-profit serving a 120-block area of Eastern Durham. Through their pipeline of services and community partners, EDCI works to empower families so that their children are ready to enter either career or college after high school graduation.

The most unique part of my experience with the Karen M. Gil Internship was the overlap of my current job and my internship. Through EDCI, I was able to work at a Bull City Fit satellite site located at W.D. Hill Recreation Center. I took on one day of programming a week at this site that was specifically targeted at teens and in about the one-year mark of its implementation. This experience was almost direct training for my current position within the Healthy Lifestyles and Bull City Fit team.

My experience working at EDCI showed me the importance of developing and maintaining professional relationships with partners. These partnerships allow for amazing programs, programs that ultimately save lives.”

We wish Rachel the best in her new job at Bull City Fit and so happy to hear the Gil internship gave her to the tools to help her in her new role!

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