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As we are in full swing for the Fall semester, we thought it would be a good time to spotlight another fellow Giller from Fall 2015, Rowan Hunt!

“In July, I started my first year of a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Louisville’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. My mentor in the program is Dr. Cheri Levinson, and her lab, the Eating and Anxiety Treatment Lab (EAT Lab) is dedicated to research leading to better treatments for eating disorders. I’m personally interested in the role of emotion regulation in eating disorders, and how we can target emotion regulation as an mechanism in treatment for eating disorders, so I feel like I’ve ended up somewhere that’s a great fit!

As I’ve spent the past year applying to grad programs (and ultimately deciding where to go), I’ve reflected on how integral my experience with the Karen M. Gil Internship was to my development as a researcher and future-clinician. During my semester as a Gil Intern, I was placed at Veritas Collaborative, a treatment center for individuals with eating disorders. At the same time, I still maintained my volunteer position as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Anna Bardone-Cone’s lab in UNC’s Psych Department. Having both experiences at the same time allowed me to learn about the transactional link between research and clinical work through first hand observation, and ultimately influenced my decision to pursue a career in intervention research.”

We wish Rowan the best of luck in her doctoral program and so happy to hear the Gil Program gave her the experience she needed!

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