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I am Megan Hineline, a fourth-year first-generation psychology major minoring in computer science. My background is extremely diverse. I am an adopted black woman from a low socioeconomic background. These identities carry experiences that influence every aspect of my journey, and more specifically, drive me to be a liaison for those who share the obstacles that are inherent to those identities. I like to believe my hobbies, interests, and academic goals are not led by an extrinsic career goal, but an intrinsic desire to grow.  I am deeply involved in research because I am a natural skeptic. I enjoy being able to scientifically ask and answer my own questions about human nature. My passion for technology often influences my research questions. As a natural progression, I will pursue a Master’s in industrial/organizational psychology after graduation.

My research experience up to this point reflects my curiosity and pursuit of growth. Being first-generation, the promise of graduate school was not a strong argument for joining a research lab. I simply wanted to test the waters. I joined the Tantrum Tamer’s lab as a first-year as part of a temporary undergraduate coding team. After the team dissipated, I was employed by the lab and joined the Peer Relation’s lab where I completed an independent study on the implications of computer mediated communication in the development and maintenance of interpersonal skills in adolescents. I am currently still a member of both labs and completing my honor’s thesis with Dr. Jones in the Tantrum tamer’s lab. It was only due to this supportive network that I was able to secure the 2021 Steve Resnick grant, this Gil internship in the Kenan Flagler business school, and acceptance into several graduate programs.

As previously mentioned, I am currently interning in the Kenan Flagler business school with Dr. Sezer. Her research falls under the category of organizational behavior and focuses on misguided social heuristics – mansplaining, humble bragging, backwards compliments etc. I chose to work with Dr. Sezer in the business school due to my interest in IO psychology for graduate school and lack of experience in the business field. Her research seemed like a perfect bridge between the research I’m used to and its application in the business world. Currently Dr. Sezer in working in conjunction with Einav Hart from George Mason University and Grant Donnelly from Ohio State on a project concerning excuse making in relationship maintenance. I have been assisting this project by collecting literature as well as coding data.

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