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My name is Taylor Walicki and I will be graduating from UNC in May with a double major in Statistics/Analytics and Psychology. As a junior, I was in the Spring 2020 Gil Internship Cohort and worked at Innovation Research & Training (iRT) with Dr. Janis Kupersmidt. With Dr. Kupersmidt as my mentor, I studied social information processing in adolescent boys and we are about to submit a peer-reviewed paper. I will be presenting our findings at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research this year.

This internship was a fantastic experience. Although COVID-19 struck in the middle, that adversity made me even more grateful for being an intern. I am thankful for Chelsea and Dr. B.’s support during that time. The internship allowed me to get exposure to research outside of an academic setting and gave me the opportunity to publish. Publishing a paper was a goal I had since coming to UNC, and finally accomplishing that goal is an incredible feeling. The Gil Internship gave me more ‘real world’ experience which has prepared me for my next steps in life.

After graduation, I will start an internship at Mass General Brigham Hospital in their licensing department. Afterwards, I plan to study medicine. These opportunities would not have been possible without the skills I developed as a Gil Intern. I look forward to staying in touch with this program and connecting with past and future Gil Interns. Thanks for reading!

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