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The Karen M. Gil Internship made my dream of working at a neuroscience start-up possible. I was a Spring 2018 Gil Intern and was accepted to the behavioral neuroscience branch of the internship. I had the amazing opportunity of working at NeuroPlus, a neuroscience startup company focused on attention training. The company uses neurofeedback technology in conjunction with videogames to help people improve attention and focus.

As an intern my primary roles included content marketing, running the company’s blog, and managing social media publications. However, the truly unique part of this internship experience was that I didn’t feel like an intern, but instead, I felt like a member of the start-up team. I was given the opportunity to be completely immersed in start-up culture. I worked at the American Underground, the Start-up Hub of the South and Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub, and I attended start-up socials and networking events with coworkers, where I met entrepreneurs and CEOs. I even met an entrepreneur who presented on the television show Shark Tank!

My time as a Giler prepared me to begin my own neuroscience start-up. Since graduating, I have been working on building my own start-up where I am building a private certification system that provides information about addictive components currently being incorporated into videogames. Without the Gil Internship I would have never had the experience, the professional skills, or connections that I needed to begin a start-up directly out of undergrad. I am incredibly grateful to the Gil Internship program for helping me grow and encouraging me to follow my passion.

Interested in learning more about Neuroplus? Check them out here:

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