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Welcome to the Fall 2020 Karen M. Gil Internship Poster Showcase! The Fall 2020 cohort of Gil Interns faced significant challenges due to COVID-19, but they were still able to get a lot out of their Gil internship experiences. A special thank you to the Gil mentors for providing the Gil interns with such wonderful experiences. Please enjoy reviewing their posters. Click on each individual link to view each Gil interns poster. Enjoy!

Fall 2020 Cohort Posters:

Alex Pettus’ Poster

Sarah Ashworth’s Poster

Curtis Smith’s Poster

Katie Fesperman’s Poster

Emily Huber’s Poster

Haley Murdock’s Poster

Jisha Reji’s Poster

Glorimel Rodriguez’s Poster

Avery Wall’s Poster

Emma Pfeiler’s Poster

Paulina Chumakov’s Poster

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