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Hi! My name is Emily Winterich-Knox and I am a junior from Greensboro, North Carolina double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. On campus, I am a Research Assistant for Dr. Penn’s lab, a clinical psychology lab that researches social cognition and psychosocial treatment for schizophrenia. This experience has broadened my knowledge of how to conduct psychology research, and the many avenues that one can take to investigate research questions. I also work as a Career Peer through University Career Services by assisting students with resumes and cover letters, which has given me a glimpse of the benefits and rewards of helping individuals one-on-one. Lastly, I volunteer as an Executive Board member of HYPE, an organization through the Campus Y, where we tutor elementary school students and facilitate discussions and events on campus to educate undergraduate students on the inequities facing our education system. Through this experience, I have found both my love for working with children, and my passion for social change.

My different experiences thus far at UNC have been rewarding, but as I looked more deeply into potential career paths, I felt I needed an experience that gave me a more concrete perspective on what a job in Clinical Psychology looks like day to day. From my research in the Penn Lab, I knew I wanted to continue working in the clinical psychology realm, and was interested to learn more about testing. Through Career Services, I knew I wanted to go into a helping profession where I could work with people individually. Through HYPE, I discovered I wanted to work with children. Finally, interwoven through these experiences, I became more and more grounded in the idea that I want to work in an equitable environment that prioritizes social change and action to address inequity.

The Gil Internship unquestionably was the perfect opportunity to put to test all of my theories about my interests and potential career prospects. Through the internship, I was placed at the Triangle Center for Behavioral Health, a private practice, where I will be working under clinician Dr. Kelly Anthony, who specializes in assessment for ADHD, learning differences, and giftedness, as well as therapy for children and adolescence with anxiety and depression. Although I am in the beginning stages of my experience under Dr. Anthony, I have been in awe of all the opportunities to learn that have already come my way. For the past week, I have been learning how to administer different assessments, including the Woodcock-Johnson Achievement test. I have also gotten the opportunity to observe the administration of these assessments, with the hope that by the end of the semester, I will be able to take the role of the examiner. Throughout the semester, I plan to continue to expand my knowledge of assessments. I will also conduct literature reviews to compile new research on symptoms of anxiety and depression in children, new implementations of treatment methods, and other up and coming research that pertains to Dr. Anthony’s clientele. Dr. Anthony also is one of few clinicians who takes Medicaid and a wide range of insurances, so I will assist with research on the process of this payment method, as well as the ever-changing rules and regulations behind that.

I am so grateful for the experiences that led me to finding the Gil Internship, and the opportunities that I have already gained from the program. I am excited to see what new adventures come my way as a result of the internship, and to take full advantage of the privileges awarded to me through the Gil Internship program by applying my knowledge and skills to future jobs and classes.


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